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Helping creatives get proactive about your mental health

If you’re a creative I’m talking to you! With this blog I want to encourage you to do your mental prep work behind the scenes, off-platform. So when the spotlight hits you it has nothing to illuminate but your gifts!

I’m a creator like you!


My name is Soneakqua White and I’m an author of several published books written specifically for my clientele. I’m also a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas as well as a mental wellness strategist nationwide. I currently coach creatives in doing your mental prep work through assessments, building and executing strategies, and creating mental stability plans for you to implement before, during, and after crisis or unfavorable situations.

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MY Strategies

online courses

Learn at your own pace with forever access to your video content.


Find what you need for your mental health at your own speed and price.

live group coaching

LIVE 3 Mondays out of each month in a safe environment for psychoeducation.

Ready to get proactive about your mental health?

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