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11 Excellent Journal Prompts for Christians

Journal prompts for Christians


Can I write to God in a journal? Of course, you can! This blog is full of journal prompts for Christians. However, these prompts are possibly going to be unlike those you’re used to. Because is focused on the mental health of Christians and others, the journaling prompts you see here will have a therapeutic feel. So, while there are some prompts that will ask you to talk to God specifically, there are others that are geared toward processing your thoughts and feelings in a different way.

Journaling has been shown by studies to be an amazing tool to help with decreasing mental stress. As if professing Christ isn’t tough enough in a world of sin, sometimes it’s difficult to discern whether your issue is something you should just pray about or if you should seek help.

Would Christians benefit from journal prompts in other ways besides talking to God? Most certainly! Christians can struggle with mental health concerns just like the rest of the world. Being a follower of Christ does not exempt us from life’s challenges but sometimes we think it should. I wrote my book Coaching the Called specifically for Christian creatives who may battle with mental health issues and how we can get in front of some of them.

People of faith can fall into some of the same pitfalls as anyone else if we’re not careful. This blog will provide you with 11 excellent journal prompts for Christians. Take your time and work through them thoroughly. Remember, journals do not take the place of a proficient mental health professional, but they can be a great place to start!

200 Therapeutic Journal Prompts

What should I write in my journal for God? The answer is…anything and everything! If you can’t be honest with God who can you be honest with? When it comes to determining whether your situation calls for prayer or professional assistance, I would err on the side of both. Use your journal prompts to flesh out your thoughts and feelings. Pray in your journal and talk directly to God through it. You can also schedule a consultation with a mental health professional and share some entries from your journal. It may help you answer some of the questions she/he may have for you and may also keep you from being more nervous than you need to be.

I’m going to go through the exercises with you by putting the journal prompts here for you to use and I’m going to give you my answers to the prompts. I have also created a printable, lined, journaling guide you can purchase if you don’t already have a journal. Again, there will be some prompts where you will talk to God. For the prompts that aren’t addressed to Him personally, I want you to write/talk as if you’re speaking with me. Let’s get started!

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Write about 3 things you are grateful for. 

I’m grateful for my mom because even at my age, she still believes she should take care of me. I really appreciate it because I know many people who have mothers who treat them as if she doesn’t care for them. We’ll talk more about Mommie issues in another post. The fact that my mother is loving, caring and generous makes me grateful.

I’m also grateful to have a new church home. After the pandemic and moving to a new state, it felt like I’d be watching church through the screen forever instead of participating in person! I love the atmosphere and fellowship in the house and I’m so glad to be back! Although I have many more things to be grateful for, I only asked you for 3. So, the third thing I’m grateful for is the ability to be able to hear God. Of course, I’ve had to learn how to listen and I’m still learning. But, I love the fact that He’s patient and is willing to speak to me on a daily basis so I can get to know His voice better.

Journal Prompt for Christians


When you can remind yourself of what you’re grateful for, it reassures you that everything is not all bad. Because the truth is, life can make you feel that nothing is going right. So, when you take the time to be grateful, you encourage yourself. As a Christian you have to remember that everything isn’t always great, and you don’t have to pretend like it is. Not for your sake or anyone else’s. It’s ok to be honest about what’s going on in your life while keeping an attitude of gratefulness.


What you are grateful for is included in journal prompts for Christians because you want to remind yourself that you’re one of the most blessed people alive. Why? Because you have Jesus and you’re assured of your salvation. That gives you enough hope to keep moving forward no matter what’s happening in the world. Some days it may be difficult to see the point in doing what you’re doing, but always know that God loves you so much that He gave His son for you and be grateful for that!

Tell me about a time you compromised more than you wanted to.

When I allowed a friend to move in with me, I compromised more than I wanted to. I didn’t want her to move in, but it was a desperate situation. Of course, I thought it would be okay because it was only supposed to be temporary. Six months at the most. Well, that 6 months turned into more than 3 years! I knew a few months in that I’d made a mistake, but I didn’t have the heart to renege. It caused a riff when I eventually had to ask her to leave for my own sanity, but we recovered. Our friendship is not as close as it was, but it didn’t completely tank the relationship. 


As a follower of Christ, it can be tempting to do the wrong thing for the right reason. We are often ever so careful not to do anything that might make us appear less Christian in the eyes of someone else. When this happens, you can be guilted into compromising when you really want to stand your ground. You want to be aware of allowing something to take you farther than you want to go and keeping you there longer than you want to stay.


Journal prompts are a good tool to use to admit to yourself that you have compromised more than you wanted to. It’s easy to fool yourself into believing that because you didn’t do a bad thing, it automatically means it was good. One of my mentors says “If it’s not God, it’s not good.” Meaning, if God didn’t give you permission to do it, it’s probably not going to be in your best interest.

That doesn’t even mean that it might hurt you. It simply means there was a better option. Sometimes you have to make compromises to keep peace in relationships. But, what you want to pay attention to is how you feel about the compromise. If it’s going to breed resentment in you, it might be better for your mental health to find a better option. Ask God what He would have you do before you make a decision you might regret.

If you were face to face with God right now, what would you ask Him and why?

If I were face to face with God right now I would ask… “Are you pleased with me Father?” Why? Because I want to make sure that I’m not wasting time living for God and He’s not pleased. I want to make sure I’m on the right track. I know I have an assignment. Maybe a couple of assignments. I know there are people who need what I have because they’re gifts God gave me. I don’t want to wait until the end of my life on Earth to know if I don’t have to wait.


Your question to God could be anything you want to know. I believe it’s perfectly fine to ask God questions. What you must be is prepared for is the answer! To be honest, when I ask God questions, I almost never anticipate the answer He gives. I really want to know the answer, but as you already know, our thoughts are not His thoughts. That may be an even bigger reason why it’s important to ask. Because we don’t really know how He thinks. We would likely handle most situations in a completely different way. Asking God before you do something is an excellent strategy to keep yourself from experiencing unnecessary challenges.


Being face to face with God and asking Him a question is a part of our journal prompts for Christians because it’s a thought that most of us have had already. We either think or say “When I get to Heaven I’m gonna ask God…” If it’s not that exact question it’s pretty close to it for most of us. Because you have a journal you can just go ahead and ask God your questions. Maybe He will even answer you. Is it OK to Bible journal? Of course, it is! I journal my prayers and have for years! I have also been able to record God’s responses when I remember to go back and do that! I hope this journal prompt gives you opportunity and peace.

Tell me about something you lost that you want back.

I lost my Granny and I want her back. However, I know it’s not possible. So, I talk about her and sometimes I even talk to her. I make sure she’s not forgotten because she made such an impact on my life. I get sad when I think about her sometimes but I don’t allow myself to stay there. I remember that she had a good long life and that she really enjoyed herself. She always found something to laugh about! Even though I have some lonely days without her, I lean on how much she gave me while she was here.


When you lose something or someone you want back, it can keep you stuck in the moment of the loss. The grief can take over and even though you continue to grow or function, there are parts of you that get lost with whatever or whoever you’re grieving. Can you get it back? Do you really want it back or do you just not know what do without it?


As a Christian, you have the opportunity to look at loss different than others might. If you’ve lost a person like me, if that person was saved, you know you’ll see them again. If you lost a relationship, job, or something else along those lines, you can ask God what He has in mind for you. This is suggested as a journal prompt for Christians because if you can reframe your loss, it doesn’t have to keep you from moving forward. Because you’re still here it means God still has a plan for you. Be encouraged!

Name 3 things you love about yourself and why.

I love that I’m creative because it gives me so much freedom. I don’t always have to go and find something or borrow someone else’s content to do what I want to do. I can create it myself! I love that I’m disciplined because if I wasn’t, I’d be in trouble! I always have deadlines to meet, classes to attend, and content to create. Without discipline I wouldn’t be able to do any of those things well. I also love that I’m an entrepreneur. Working for someone isn’t bad and for me it was a lot easier. However, working for myself has stretched me in so many different ways. It has shown me gifts that I never would have known I had. So, I love the person being an entrepreneur has allowed me to become.


Knowing what you love about yourself is important for your self-esteem. It helps you in other relationships to be confident in yourself. The world can also be hard and cold so you need something you can hold onto that the world can’t take away from you. Loving yourself is also not all about your physical appearance. Your body will eventually change because you can’t stop the aging process. Oh, I know there are products that you can use to make you age well. But, regardless of how much cream you put on your body you’re going to age. What you love about yourself is what makes you unique.


When you walk through this in your journal, be honest with yourself. But, on this question I only want you to focus on what you love. It will be so easy for you say “I love this but I hate that…” Resist doing that. You have plenty of chances to be critical of yourself, but this is not one of them. Because this is a journal prompt for Christians, you can even ask God to show you how He sees you. Learn to love what He loves about you if you struggle to name 3 things for yourself.

If someone asked you what you needed right now, what would you say and why?

I need an office space big enough to see clients, create, and hold small events. If anyone has that space available and would be willing to offer it at no to low cost, that would be wonderful! I would love to begin seeing clients in person again. My mom has also started coaching as well and could use some office space too. With this kind of setup, we could also hold small seminars for people in our community to learn financial literacy. That’s a passion project that’s near and dear to my mom’s heart.


My former pastor told us we should always be ready with an answer if someone wants to bless you! No matter what kind of financial position you’re in, you could use something. It might be as simple as needing a dress for an event and not knowing where to find it. If someone asks you what you need, you can tell them you need help finding an evening gown. There is always a need. Even if it’s not for you. Be ready with an answer.


This is included as a journal prompt for Christians because, on one hand, some of us are trained that God will provide. So, we don’t know what to say when someone asks what we need. Now, isn’t that strange that we don’t believe that God would or could provide for our needs through another person? On the other hand, some of us have been conditioned that in order to remain humble, we shouldn’t ask for anything. God is an amazing provider, and He wants you to prosper. So, from this day forward, be able to name something you want or need when asked. You never know when God is granting you the desires of your heart.

Talk about something you want that you haven’t asked God for yet.

I think I’ve asked God for just about everything I can think of, but here’s a desire that I’m not sure I’ve verbalized to Him yet. I want a dream house where my mom can live as close to me as possible without actually having to live with me. She’s still very independent and doesn’t need any help. I just want her close. The house is much like a duplex except it’s a ranch style. The structure on the left is a full home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a two-car garage. The one on the right is the exact same house. Just flipped.


If there are things you haven’t asked God for, why haven’t you asked? Is it because you don’t think He’ll give it to you or is it because you just hadn’t thought to ask? Know it’s okay to ask God for anything you want. Just make sure you listen for His answer. Asking is not a bad thing. Having a desire is not a bad thing. Knowing God’s desires for you makes talking to Him a lot easier. If you don’t know what His desires are, start with reading scripture.


You can ask God for anything you want with your journal. The great thing about journaling is that no one has to know about it but you and God. Sometimes it can be difficult to pray out loud when you don’t really know what you’re trying to say. But, when you can write your thoughts out, it becomes clearer. If you haven’t already, it may be a good idea to journal your prayers or even more simply, just talk to God through your journal.

If I wanted to pray for you, what would you have me ask of God for you?

If you wanted to pray for me, please ask God to show me more strategies to prosper my business and help more people. I want to make sure that I’m fulfilling my assignment and I know at least a part of it consists of helping Christian creatives get proactive about your mental health. I need to know exactly how God wants me to do it. Of course, I have some ideas. However, I want to know all the strategies He has for me to use. Ask Him to show me clearly so there’s no doubt in my mind about what He’s directing me to do.


Similar to knowing what you need if someone asks who might be able to give it to you on the spot, there should always be something in your heart that you want to ask of God. It doesn’t have to be something materialistic. There comes a point where you can run out of things to ask for. But, if you’re a Christian who wants to do God’s will, there will always be someone in need. You can ask Him to show you someone you can help. It could be a question about life that you want to know. We will never know everything so there should always be something you’d like to ask of God.


If someone else wants to pray for you, unless there is something about them you distrust, you don’t want to turn down an offer of prayer. Maybe you don’t have the words to say. This journaling prompt will help you stay prepared for what someone could ask of God for you. It could be the same thing you’re already praying for. Someone you trust to pray for you could stand in agreement with you for what you’re asking.

Tell me about something you’ve denied yourself but really want.

Right now, I’m denying myself cookies! It’s only for a short period of time, because at the time I’m writing this post, we’re in the season of Lent. After Easter I will be able to eat them again. The process of denying yourself for a specific reason, especially if it’s to honor God, is a good thing. Not eating cookies that I really want shows restraint. It’s also easier to do because I know it won’t be long.  


Consider why you’re denying yourself something you really want. Are you not supposed to have it? Did God say no? Do you feel you don’t deserve it? Whenever you’re in desire for something you’re not getting on purpose, you really want to know why. If your reason is an unhealthy one, it’s time to take a deeper look into what you’re doing. Denial can lead to pressure and anxiety if it’s unhealthy.

However, if your denial has an end date, you can view it more from the lens of discipline and restraint, which are typically healthy attributes. In the event that you are denying yourself something you really want because God has said no, do your best to shift your mindset about it in the direction He wants you to go. Continuing to desire something God doesn’t want you to have might lead to your disobedience of Him.


Journal prompts are excellent tools to process your thoughts and feelings. Use it to be honest about why you’re denying yourself something you really want. I know for me and some of my clients, the act of writing often unlocks unconscious thoughts. What if you’re denying yourself for a reason, you’re not consciously aware of? You really want to know what that is if it’s the case.

What is the most difficult part of being Christian?

The most difficult part of being a Christian for me is knowing there are some people who are not going to be saved. Knowing there are some who will never believe is painful. Being a Christian makes it challenging to see some of the things going on in the world that aren’t good. It looks like so much fun but it’s a trap that too many are being lured in by. It’s difficult to know the truth when our culture is so focused on everyone getting to decide their own truth.

No more Doormat Christians!


It’s important to not fool yourself or anyone else into believing that following Christ is easy. There are a lot of things you can’t do that maybe your friends or family who are unbelievers are free to choose. You’re less likely to fall into sin if you’re aware of the challenges you face in your Christianity. And don’t think that every Christian has the same challenge. We don’t! What’s simple for you may be a struggle for me and vice versa. Know where your difficulties are so you can be better prepared to handle them.


Use this journaling prompt for you as a Christian to admit the things you might not feel you can say to people. You might know something is a sin and want to stop doing it. But, the truth is, you haven’t stopped yet. Being a follower of Christ in no way makes you exempt from life’s challenges. Unfortunately, it might put you under more of a microscope because others treat Christians like we’re supposed to be perfect. You are perfected in Christ. You’re not expected to do it on your own so you can stop trying. Being a believer has its challenges and those are different for all of us. Just know you’re not alone.

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Final Thoughts On Journal Prompts for Christians

I think choosing Christ is the most important choice you can make in your life. However, it doesn’t exempt you from life’s challenges. And since that’ the case, it’s imperative that you have someone you can talk to and be honest with.

Journal prompts are great tools to help you process your thoughts and feelings. However, they are not a replacement for speaking with a mental health professional. Because you want to be proactive about your mental health, use the 11 journal prompts for Christians included in this blog to help you get started. I’ve also created a full downloadable, lined, E-book of journaling prompts. If you need additional resources, check out Psychology Today. If you’re in crisis you can dial or text 988 at any time, nationwide.

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